About us

REYCON Technology Group, Inc. provides information technology project design, installation, service and consulting for the small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) market. Our areas of expertise and experience include healthcare, education, law firms, non-profit organizations and other SMBs.

We provide a range of services including single incident service (via remote control of your PC/Server/notebook, telephone and onsite), contract help-desk support, IT budgeting, medium/long-term technology strategies, business continuity planning, project consulting and complete IT Department services.

Are you considering Cloud Computing but not sure where to begin, if your data will be secure or the best way to integrate into your organization? Often times, a hybrid approach works well for the organization, keeping some data & services local, but providing data and/or service replication to a private cloud for data security and business continutity. This method will also provide mobility for owners, partners, CEOs, executive directors, department heads, sales staff or other telecommuters/road warriors.

We specialize in VMware virtualization issues, including optimizing your current setup, troubleshooting problems and providing options for getting started or upgrading your existing deployment.

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